The old-school punk who handles keyboards for Neurosis has a new band, and we took that excuse to go on a journey with some of his favourite songs.
40 songs to fight the heat wave and long for better, colder days.
It's from Sweden, and it sounds like it, but not in the way you might think.
Giving stoner/doom a good name again.
Bludgeoning charge-into-battle thrash/sludge/black/everything metal. A song called 'Let's Kill These Motherfuckers'. Remind me why this isn't the…
A peek into the major inspirations behind a key figure in the Finnish extreme psych scene.
Mike Hill (Tombs) + Mike Gonçalves (Replicant / Windfaerer) + Andrew Hernandez (ex-Tombs) = SCORPION THRONE, aka "music from the edge of the abyss."
The annus horribilis of 2020 had something up its filthy sleeve for its final day.
Black/death + electronics. No, wait! Don't leave yet. This one is actually awesome.
I mused about the past, present and future of our beloved Swedish DM scene with the much-missed L-G Petrov a few years ago.
Our podcast returns with a man of many guises.
Step into this week's dystopian offering of nightmarish sounds.