A new clash of titans appears!
You mean it was #5albums89? Oh well, now it's done.
If the world is ending, why do you need internal organs anyway?
A journey into the world of singer/songwriters past and present.
Aside from modernising post-punk with a new sense of menace in 2022, Jay is a fascinating recommender of strange music.
A "doom witch duo" from Japan that will blow you away.
They're still a big deal.
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We don't just dig up old stuff, we also live in the moment, man.
The new album is only out in late September, but brace yourself right now.
The old-school punk who handles keyboards for Neurosis has a new band, and we took that excuse to go on a journey with some of his favourite songs.
40 songs to fight the heat wave and long for better, colder days.